this is a reimplementation of old oxine in ruby. it is neigher completed nor released yet but can be found in cvs. here are some screenshots of this new version.

oxine main menu. the text in the middle can easily be localized.

the media library menu can display mediamarks from gxine, old oxine, playlists in asx format as well as files and directories.

oxine's tv function features a station list and osd blendings of station numbers and names

as for now, oxine has all the basic player functions like seeking, fullscreen, interlacing, audio visualizations, screensaver disabler and pause. and it has only 360 lines of code! this is because the class Oxine is derived from the class SimplePlayer shipped with xiron and already provides all these functions. moreover oxine a simple yet powerful osd widget set which also comes with xiron and provides windows (container), labels, bitmaps, buttons, togglebuttons, scrollable lists, mouse and keyboard navigation with around 600 lines of ruby.